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Q: I saw one of your shirts on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and I want to buy one. Is this a legitimate website?

A: Yes. We are totally, 1 million percent legitimate. If you are on a desktop, please check the "Reviews" tab above. We have received over 900 reviews (and counting) reviews so far and the average rating is 5/5 stars. We take great pride in our customer service. Check out the comments on those reviews for more info. Also, we encourage you to leave a review yourself if you have made a purchase in the past. 

If you are on your smart phone, you can see our "star rating" in the top left corner. To see what people have to say about our shirts, if you click on the "Menu" in the top left corner, the "Reviews" tab will pop up.

If you ever have an issue with one of our shirts, you can always email Ryan@Costanzashirts.com with any issues you may have. 


- As we are a print-to-order business, all items are subject to a handling period before they are dispatched.
- 99% of orders leave the warehouse within 3-5 days of payment.
- We will send you an email with a tracking number when your items have been shipped.
- You should receive your shirt/s between 7-10 days after your order is placed.
*International delivery will take longer.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can email us directly at Ryan@Costanzashirts.com

Q: What is your exchange or return policy? Can I return my shirt if it was not made properly?

A: 100%. Our general policy is as follows: WE DO NOT DO RETURNS. However, if you are unhappy with your shirt in anyway (i.e it does not fit as you hoped, the print was done incorrectly, there is a rip in the shirt), you can ALWAYS exchange your shirt for a new one. No questions asked. We never want a customer to pay money for a shirt that they cannot or do not want to wear.


All of our printing and shipping are done in the U.S.A with American employees. Currently we have three separate fulfillment centers that we ship out of, located in Minnesota, South Dakota, and California.

If we forgot anything else, feel free to e-mail us. Thanks for your interest in CostanzaShirts.com. Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @CostanzaShirts and tell your friends about us. Thanks guys.


EMAIL: Ryan@Costanzashirts.com